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Joyce of Encore Estate SalesAbout Encore Estate Sale

Encore Estate Sale’s mission is to pursue the best possible outcome financially for our clients in an ethical and responsible manner by staging, pricing and marketing, with a goal of exceeding our client’s expectations.

Life’s transition are often stressful, whether you are relocating, downsizing, moving to assisted living or selling the contents of a loved ones estate.  We are here to help you deal with the endless detail.

When to Have an Estate Sale

Whether for you an Estate Sale is needed because you are moving or downsizing or just because you need help cleaning out, we can lend our organizational skills and expertise on all fronts.

Perhaps family or friends have left you and your family the responsibility of disposing of their life’s accumulation.  We can assist with so many aspects of the change.

There is no bad time for an Estate Sale. There are 52 weekends in a year all of them are great for an estate sale. We generally will hold your sale for 1-3 days depending upon the amount of items we need to sell. Sales are conducted during the day and our goal is to sell everything to the walls.

Sales are held on site. With provisions made for parking and security issues.

Additional services are available dependent upon your needs.

My staff and I look forward to being of assistance.


865-323-2256  ~ Email: joyce@encoreestatesale.com


Encore Estate Sale is licensed, bonded and insured by Lloyd’s of London.

We are also a member of  ACNA (Antiques & Collectibles National Association)


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